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Sunday, 21 July 2013

If you have read my previous post, you will know that today I attended the Ripley Vintage Fair. Being a fashion student I love clothes, outfits and vintage. So put them together and I am in heaven. Here are a few of my favourite outfits and some of the fantastic people I met today.

These three looked amazing! They even brought their own vintage style picnic. I thought this man got his outfit so spot on and would have been perfect for my last design project as he looked like a real 1930's Gangster or as if he had just jumped out from Public Enemies.

These two were just adorable. They were also the well deserving winners of the best dressed competition run at the fair. And rightly so. They were head to toe in genuine vintage from the 1940s and how sweet do they look in it?

I saw this girls shoes when I first arrived and fell in love. But it wasn't just the shoes that I really liked, it was the pairing of the socks with them. She told me the shoes were just from Topshop and by the looks of it so are the socks. But it just shows that putting some pretty little frilly socks with a pair of peep toes or any similar style shoe for that matter, can really change the look of an outfit and make it a little different.

It was the colour and the coordination of this ladies outfit that really drew me to her. Matching gloves, shoes, and bag - this is how its really done!

This girl here is called Paige and is wearing one of my favourite outfits of the day. Having spoken to her I found out that she was also a fashion student as well as a blogger too. Not only did she look fabulous, she also made the dress herself!

I really love the straps on this ladies shoes and the colour of this mans jacket is fantastic!

This couple were so lovely to chat to. We spoke for quite a while and they were so nice they even asked if they could have a picture of me and my outfit.

You may have seen these two couples on my previous post. They played some fantastic music and entertained us all with some dancing. The pleating in these dresses meant that when the ladies danced the dresses moved and flowed perfectly.

How amazing are these colours together. And that fur!

You cant see too well on this photo but the detailing on the shoulders and neckline of the dress was stunning.

These ladies were so fun. They also entered the Best Dressed competition and made their dresses themselves.

This is Beverly, she is  a vintage specialist and I think you can tell from how well put together her outfit is.

Another of my favourites. I thought her outfit was impeccable; from the bag, to the dress, to the fur. These cat eye sunglasses are most definitely on my wishlist along with eyebrows as perfect as these. I thought she looked so glamorous. 

While I took time out just to outfit watch and draw, I found that the people who put in that little bit extra looked the best. Those that added a pair of lace gloves, some sunglasses, or a small bag; men that added braces to their shirt or wore a hat looked brilliant. 

I am sure you can see from these photos why I enjoyed the day so much. Everyone put in so much effort and it really was worth it.  I had so much fun, met some fantastic people and came away very inspired.

A post on my outfit choice for the day will be up shortly.

Ripley Vintage Fair

Today I went to Ripley’s Vintage Fair and I can honestly say that it is the best vintage fair I have been to! I had been looking forward to it for so long and couldn't wait to get dressed up and go! To tell the truth I felt like a bit like Bill Cunningham but Bill Cunningham having been thrown back to the Forties or Fifties. I was very snap happy, shall we say?

Wandering around I saw the most beautiful things, it was just how a vintage fair should be… but better. There were live bands playing, music from the twenties through to the fifties playing while people danced as well as a lovely performance from a lady called Lubelle Rose who sang, danced and wore a stunning cream floral dress. I felt like I had been taken to a mix of eras and it was so nice just to sit back on some rather colourful deckchairs and just people watch. It was such a fun atmosphere, everyone looked as though they were enjoying themselves and everyone that I spoke to were so friendly and happy to have a chat and a photo or two.

       Lulabell Rose 

The stalls sold your classic vintage pieces, there were the most adorable tea sets with matching cups and saucers, quirky ornaments, beautiful fur coats and so many large printed, floral dresses. But my goodness, I have never seen so many picnic sets! They were everywhere!

One thing I really loved about the content of the stalls, was that it was all real. Something that I really hate is when you go into a vintage shop where they sell “genuine vintage” and then you get home to find a tag saying “vintage style”. But what was so great about today was that the people selling the clothes knew what they were talking about and if you asked them they could tell you a bit about the piece you were looking at.

One lady who is incredibly clued up is Catherine Smith. A few months ago, she very kindly helped me with a project of mine which was based on the 1930s. She has the most charming shop, filled with incredibly beautiful clothes and accessories and will do her very best to tell you what she can about the garments. Keep checking back on here because I hope to do a post on Catherine Smith Vintage very soon!

One of my favourite stalls was a small table by “Sagodesign” who were selling vintage fabric. I don’t know what it was that drew me to it, maybe the patterns, maybe the colour. Whatever it was I thought they were very attractive. Think floral, floral and more colourful floral. I couldn’t help but think up so many pretty dress designs I could use the fabrics for.

The best part of the day though was of course the fashion! So because I have gone mad on the photos already, I am dedicating a post to just the fashion and the outfits I saw. Some people really made the effort and in my opinion - it was worth it!

All in all, I had a superb day. I saw the quaintest things and met to some very interesting people. If Ripley have another vintage fair like this next year, I will most definitely be returning, camera in hand and I would highly recommend this to any one else that shares a love of vintage, fashion or just wants a great day out. 

Catwalk Cats

Saturday, 20 July 2013

This past week I have been moving house, got a new job, been set a new design project and just in general things have been a little crazy - hence the lack of posting. Apologies. 

Although while i have been sat painting walls or cleaning skirting boards, i have come up with quite a few potential post ideas. These will be up within the next week or so, so please check back. 

In the mean time, here are some catwalk cats!

Skinny Genes Style

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"Pack Up" singer, Eliza Doolittle is releasing her new single "Big when I was Little" on the 28th July and its a song that i cant get enough of! I have had it playing over and over again on YouTube, I don't know whether its the fact that I've been relating to the lyrics or that i just love the styling of the video. Its fun, its quirky and its got elements of the 90's thrown in there too!

Eliza put down her microphone a couple of years ago to model for Moschino's Cheap and Chic Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

Maybe this is one of the reasons Vogue asked her to take part in their "Today I'm Wearing..." section, in March last year.

Either way, I love her style. Its fun, fresh and playful and she isn't afraid to take risks with her thrown cleverly together outfit choices.

If you like her style as much as I do, I would recommend following her on Instgram - elizadoolittle11 

Alexa Chung - It

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Breton lover and quirky muse, Alexa Chung has revealed that she will be releasing a book on September 5th. This "not quite style guide, not quite a coffee table tome," shall be called It. 
For anyone else that is super excited about this, like myself, can pre-order it (see what I did there?) on Amazon now!

The book will be a collection of Alexa's photography, drawings as well as little things that inspire her. She will include everything from "her thoughts on life, love and music to her favourite looks and how to decide what to wear in the morning".
Alexa told Vogue, "It's definitely not an autobiography, but it's me writing so in a way it probably will have that element."

She has to be one of my all time favourite style icons. She just seems to get everything so spot on. If the book is anything like her instagram pictures, or has an ounce of her humour, then I may be lost for a few days in this book. 
I cannot wait!

Everything Is Going To Be All White

Thursday, 27 June 2013

White. All White, everything White! This has to be one of my favourite trends at the moment, although, to be honest with you, its also a trend that scares the absolute “you know what” out of me! Its always good to take risks though, isn't it?

The all-white trend has been seen an awful lot recently, especially with Wimbledon being on at the moment. It’s a style that I think suits anyone, all ages and sizes…. As long as you do it right! I think the basic colour block really puts an emphasis on the cut of the garment and is such a statement outfit, you are sure to stand out. I think that this Jill Sander dress bellow is a perfect example!

If it wasn't for me being a poor student, I would most definitely be wearing a head to toe, wide leg, well-tailored, jumpsuit; or maybe even incorporate another trend that I am absolutely in love with at the moment, and that’s the shorts and blazer combination.

If like me you have a "champagne taste but a lemonade budget", then this style is totally "do-able" on the high-street. This is just one out the outfits I have been wearing recently.

White Lace Dress from River Island

Ive been pairing this dress with my emerald green waist-belt from Primark to add a pop of colour or I love to wear a bright lipstick like my Mac "Morange" orange shade or my Dior "Fushia Bright" to add a bit more excitement to the outfit. I've also been wearing it with pair of white patent loafers from Primark last year or these white loafers from New Look.

I think this trend is so great because of how versatile it can be. It’s great for a holiday and even better when you get back to show off your goddess tan but also great for those who, like me, want to embrace the “English Rose” look. Either way, as long as you don’t wear it with cheap fake tan, you are going to look insane!

So all in all, I'm in love with the white-on-white trend! I think it can add sophistication to any of us - just make sure you steer clear of the Ketchup at the summer BBQ!

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