OOTD: Eleanor J Shore Scarves

Friday, 29 August 2014

The lovely and incredibly patient people at Eleanor J Shore recently sent me three of their beautiful scarves to try on and style up. When I received my beautifully wrapped parcel in the post I was very excited! As a fan of print design I was eager to see my chosen designs and to plan how I was going to style them. As someone who only wears red on my lips, this print was a lovely little challenge.

I wanted the scarves to be the focal point of the outfit, so I kept my base black; to do this I have paired my cross back H&M vest with my loyal Leigh jeans from Topshop. I love that the print in the scarf does all the talking and makes such an effortless look really stand out. This would make the perfect outfit for a coffee date and then throw on a leather jacket to take it through to cocktails.

The scarves came in three sizes, small £20, medium £60 and large £85, all varying in price and print. The small was a polkadot design in a rectangular shape as opposed to the square design of the other two. This small scarf would make a great headscarf or bag tie!

The quality of the scarves was amazing! They didn't feel like your typical synthetic highstreet buy so I really feel that this justifies the price. The quality of the print was also very high and the designs are adorable! They really reminded me of the art deco prints that were fashionable in the early thirties.

I am a strong believer of keeping it simple so I have kept my accessories quite minimal with a black and gold theme running through; Marks & Spencers mules, charity shop bag, Miss Selfidge hat & a gifted watch. I think that this outfit goes to show that scarves aren't just for Winter and that with the right styling a scarf can be the perfect finishing touch to what was a boring outfit! 

For more of Eleanor J Shore's wonderful scarves have a look on
and if you want to purchase any yourself just quote "TAYLORFASH" for 20% discount!


Grabble #GrabAMakeover Event

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Last Tuesday the lovely people from Grabble invited me to attend their #GrabAMakeover eventGrabble is an online fashion site that lets you "grab" items from various websites to make up your fabulous fashion wish-list. I headed down to Covent Garden with the  girls to the Andrew Barton Salon - Andrew Barton being the amazing hairdresser from "10 Years Younger". When we arrived we were greeted with a huge Mahiki freezer and handed one of their mojito ice lollies. Considering the summer heat these were very much appreciated and were soo tasty too! 

It wouldn't have been a Grabble Make Over if there wasn't some pampering involved so we were able to have consultations with the Andrew Barton Salon stylists - I discussed some rather radical changes that will hopefully be taking place in the coming months (once I grow the balls to do it), massages from Gina Conway and some lovely Essie manicures. Throughout the evening we were able to buy raffle tickets to raise money for Cosmic Charity.  There were some incredible gifts to be won including £500 worth of treatments at the Andrew Barton Salon. 

Also at the event were the oh so stylish personal shoppers from John Lewis, who's fashion brains I picked to pieces asking all sorts from how to get into the business to their key items for Autumn/Winter. They were also there showcasing the new range for A/W15 with beautiful pieces from Ted Baker and Jeager many of which will make my Grabble wish-list!

A huge thank you to Katie and the rest of the Grabble team for the invite and a great event!

Cats Got My Tongue - The Shupette Campaign

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

If there is one thing I love just a smidgen more than fashion - its cats. Well, one cat in particular and thats Choupette! If you don't know who Choupette is, get out of here she is Karl Largefelds super fluffy and incredibly glamorous feline companion. According to Karl, "she is like a kept woman. She has a strong personality. She has lunch and dinner with me on the table, with her own food. She can even use an iPad,"  Set to be the first "household" pet to launch a make-up line, she is the inspiration behind  Shu Uemura’s new ad campaign - Shupette (see what they did there?)

Karls illustration posted on instagram this morning

The 17-piece make-up collection will be released this Autumn to coincide with Choupette’s debut novel: The Private Life Of A High-Flying Fashion Cat. The book is out in September and yes, I am embarrassingly excited about this too! The book is rumoured to include exclusive fashion advice, photos and  "secret loves and pet hates”. Seriously who comes up with these lines? Supposedly, the range will include furry false eyelashes hmmm, as well as a range of products inspired by the cats personality. Sounds intriguing! Either way, Shu Uemura, Largerfeld and Choupette are coming together so its bound to be weird and wonderful!

First Look at Primarks Autumn/Winter 15 Collection

Friday, 11 July 2014

I know we are all in summer mode at the moment, everyone is heading off to festivals in their fringed kimonos and Birkenstocks but Primark have just released a preview of their new Autumn/Winter collection, so I obviously want to share it with you all.

Like it or loathe it Primark is becoming less of our throw away fashion store and more of our go-to for on-trend bargains. They recently invited press, bloggers and members of the fashion elite to Chiltern Street for their press day where they displayed their upcoming must have pieces. 

There are some great stories running through the collection which I think will cater to a variety of styles. The whole theme is about dressing for adventure - its just up to you which route you decide to take. From Nordic tranquility to Slavic folkore, a transatlantic juxtaposition of retro classics, English heritage meets American collegic, a sports trend with a rebellious mod infiltration. Texture will be making a strong appearance again this Winter through the use of leather, tapestry, fur, cashmere, all worked into minimal shapes for a masculine aesthetic. 

What do you think of the collection and this incredible shoot? Pretty damn good, right? Ive got my eye on rather a few pieces so I can't wait for them to start filtering into stores in August! 

The Adventure Awaits..

My First Blogging Event - #LDNbloggersdinner

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A few weeks ago while scrolling through my twitter feed I spotted a tweet by Em from My Pale Skin -  “London Blogger Meet up! fill out the form to get involved!” Attending a blogging event has been on my list of things to do for a while now so of course I jumped at this opportunity and signed up straight away!

When the 1st July rolled around I very excitedly threw on some clothes (what fashion blogger doesn't plan an outfit to a blogging event?) and headed down to Soho to Pizza Express on Greek Street. I was excited and nervous, a real mix of feelings as I didn't really know what to expect but once I arrived I had nothing to worry about. You wouldn't have thought I was sat having a meal with 8 strangers that I had never met before. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly; it was great having just a small group as you were able to chat to everyone and really get to know each other.

Sam, Me, Kitty, Em & Anouska

April, Sarah, Monica, Elena

Em had very kindly prepared some questions and topics for us to discuss so conversation never ran dry. It was great fun to hear other people opinions, tips and advice on blogging; it was like a twitter chat brought to life! Not only did we share ideas we also shared a few plates of dough balls, which is always a winner for me! There was a nice mix of bloggers, some who have been blogging for a while, some only for a month, people that used "proper" cameras and those that stuck to their I Phones. We talked for hours over and I learnt so much from everyone, it showed me that if I want to be as successful as these girls then I really need to give it my all. Although its a hobby - its hard work but nights like this make it worth it!

We all had such a fantastic time that we agreed to set it up as a monthly get together. If you want to get involved keep an eye out for the next invite or search #LDNbloggersdinner on twitter. I had such a lovely evening with some fantastic bloggers! A huge thank you again to Em for arranging it - can't wait for next months! 

April // Sarah // Monica // Elena // Sam // Kitty // Em // Anouska

Intern Essentials - Part One

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Yesterday I finished my last day of my internship. I have spent the past 5 months interning in London for the fantastic designer Osman in his Waterloo based studio. It has been the most stressful, tiring and overwhelming experience of my life - but my God has its been worth it! I have learnt so so much, grown in confidence and made some great connections! Interning is a must for anyone wishing to climb the fashion ladder, no matter what area or department.

Here is Part One of my "10 Intern Essentials"

1. City Mapper
As a fashion intern you will without a doubt be running errands! Be it collecting fabric, dropping off Manolos to hottest socialites or delivering invites for Fashion Week. Which is why City Mapper is an absolute must-have! City Mapper is basically an app similar to Google Maps but a million times better. If I didn't have this app I 100% wouldn't be able to live in London. I have relied on it more than anything and it has been the biggest life saver ever! Plus its free! The app takes your current/ starting location, and tells you how to get to your chosen destination and the time it will take. It shows you the best routes to take whether its by foot, tube, bus, rail, taxi etc as well as keeping you up to date with live departures. I could do a whole post on how incredible and useful this app is (and probably will do in the future) because I owe so much to it. Make it your best friend!

2. Comfy Shoes
As an intern its unlikely you are going to have your own desk where you can sit down. Instead, you're going to be on your feet the majority of the day. You basically have to accept that as an intern whatever you do it will be on your feet and at high speed; so make this fact slightly less painful for yourself by wearing something comfortable. But remember comfy doesn't have to be ugly, just whatever you know you can last the day in. I opted for some simple black chelsea boots for winter and some tanned loafers in the summer as these were both flat and so easy to style in the morning. Theres nothing worse than hobbling down Oxford Street on a lunch time - the crowds of people are painful enough.

3. Plasters
If your haven't listened to my previous advice or maybe you're just breaking in your new soles -plasters will be your saviour! You would be surprised how many people don't carry them around. On my third day in the studio the operations manager went round asking everyone if they had any plasters and was getting incredibly annoyed  as no one had any. When I finally grew some balls and chirped up (she's quite intimidating) you'd have thought Id given her a winning lottery ticket! It made me come across as organised and prepared - two features you need in an intern. Keep them in your purse so you don't loose them. You don't know when you, or someone else may need some!

4. Canvas bag
When running around (blisterless) on your errands you will come across some irritating obsticles. I was sent out a couple of weeks ago to collect some things from Matches Fashion after an event. I wasn't told what I was collecting, I was just sent out. When I arrived I was presented with 8 pairs of Manolos and 3 items of clothing. "Shit, how am I meant to carry all of this on the tube!" Then I remembered my trusty canvas bag that I keep in my handbag at all times. Its lightweight and takes up no space at all plus it calms your nerves when you face a huge pile of shoe boxes that you, by no means would have been able to carry by yourself! Remember - Be prepared!

5. Oyster Card
I have seen more of London out running errands than I have on my weekends. Im not complaining at all, I love seeing London and going to places I wouldn't usually have planned to see and its all thanks to my Oyster card. If you don't know what an Oyster card is, then you have obviously never been to the capital. It is a small card that you can top up that pays to get you all around London on various methods of transport. Its great! Its light, small and means that your purse doesn't have to be weighed down with coins! In the coming months there will be no cash accepted on buses so seriously look into getting one if you're heading to London. There are a variety of ways to save money with the card whether its day passes, a student oyster or linking it with your rail card like I have done. I also went to Paperchase to get myself a cute little oyster case so that I don't loose it (plus look super chic at the same time!)

Check back for Part 2 of my 10 Intern Essentials!

Intern Essentials Part Two

6. Notebook and Pen
As an intern you will be given a million and one things to do by various people, all need to be done within an hour. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can remember it all - you can't!  People don't like to be pestered and answering simple questions because you didn't listen properly in the first place. So write it down. It makes it so much easier for you, plus you look organised and as though you really care about your job! It also makes it nice for you to look back at and remember what you did that day!

7. Simple Snacks
Although you are entitled to a break, you may be out over your lunch or maybe you just need a little bit of a pick me up in the afternoon. Something that has really helped me at work is keeping a little bag of nuts with me in my bag. It means that if I get a little peckish throughout the day then I can just nibble on a few and it lifts my mood right up, plus has really helped my concentration levels. No more grumbling stomach on the tube and its a healthy alternative to crisps or chocolate that won't go off easily.

8. Umbrella
I hope I'm drilling it in here that you will be out of the studio quite a bit, or at least I was - so you have to bring out that guiding phrase of "always be prepared." Lets face it, we live in England where the weather is sunny for almost 5 minutes a day. You may have coat with you, it might even have a hood - great! But thats not going to stop the designer clothes you are carrying from getting wet. These things cost money and it will be your head on the chopping block if they get ruined. Umbrellas don't take up much room or weight in your bag - you will thank me next time the skies open and your fellow intern is standing at the door to Net-A-Porter like a drowned rat!

9. Charger
As much as our parents/grandparents complain about it - we are always on our phones. These days they are a necessity, especially for an intern. You will be getting a lot of calls and texts while you are out with other instructions, places to go next etc. Think Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. So you need to make sure your phone is always charged! I have two chargers for my phone - one for home and one for on the move, although I have had a portable phone charger in my amazon basket for quite some time now. Again, its all about being prepared and carrying the right things. Think of me when you see Cara Delevingne when you're delivering invites and your phones dead so you can't snap a picture for instagram!

10. Smile
Little lame, but always wear a smile. It doesn't
matter how much you're boss is irritating you or how bored you are from doing the spring summer inventory - don't let it show. No one will want to hire you for a full time job if they think you're a miserable diva! They need to see that you are hard working and resilient. Some of the intern jobs suck - but we all have to do them, chances are if you're in a huff about it then you will be lumbered with more! Stick at it and it will most definitely pay off!

On The Ball

Sunday, 22 June 2014

With Wimbledon starting tomorrow, I thought it only right to do a tennis inspired post. The sportswear trend isn't really my style but court-side chic is something I can totally get on board with! Now before I scare you girls away - think Stella, think Victoria Beckham, think Jill Sander. If its good enough for these three - its most definitely good enough for me!

The reason why I love (get it) this trend so much is that you can totally work it to suit your style. If you're into the whole sportswear luxe thing you can seriously racket rock it, if you're more into the minimal “girlie” look you can make it work for you just as well. Its all down to how you style it. 

Hands up if you jumped on the recent skort bandwagon... Hands up if you went mad for the polo's when Jack Wills dominated the highstreet? Well congratulations, you've made the team! Pair these two items with some cute little plimsoles and you're set (I just can't stop). If you're lucky enough to have a skinny mini stomach get out your crop tops or if like me you’ve had one too many strawberries and cream maybe stick to a skater or simple shirt dress. Its that simple. My colours of choice would be white - daring but shows off your tan or keep it classic with navy. Its a great summer look thats both pretty and practical - just how I like it!

Heres a little set I made to show you guys how I would style it. 

*I do not own any of these photos

The Boyfriend Blazer

Friday, 20 June 2014

The blazer is a wardrobe essential whatever the season is, a timeless piece for both men and women which is why it makes it to the top of my shopping list. This year, like many, I am going oversized. We have seen so many “Boyfriend Coats” in the shops and on the catwalk its now time to steal their blazers too. No matter what your shape or style its perfect! It can be thrown over your LBD for more of an androgynous look or pair it with a slogan T-shirt and heels for “effortless chic”. Whatever you choose it will add instant cool to your look and you will earn some major fashion points this season.

My tip would be to raid your dad’s wardrobe or in my case, your brothers, before hitting the highstreet. Because they have been designed for a man, they aren’t tight fitting which is exactly what you need. The whole point of this staple piece is to look effortless and thrown together not as though you are a 50 year old office worker. Although, I would suggest rolling up the sleeves slightly so it gives the outfit a modern look.

Now, if your dad isn’t willing to part with his favourite jacket head to my favourite place at the moment – the charity shops! You can find some incredible blazers in there, many of which are by very good brands. Im still kicking myself for not buying a Phase Eight jacket for £10! (What was I thinking?) Make sure you go in with an open mind, look in the mens section too and try on! What may look like your Grandad’s blazer on a hanger could be your new found love at a very affordable price!

Be bold, be understated, be classic – its up to you. My colour choice at the moment would be White. Brave I know! But other colours such as Navy or Orange would look beautifully on trend teamed with a breton striped top and a pop of colour on the lips!

                                                             How will you be wearing yours this season?

*I do not own any of these photos

Osman Studio Spring Summer Resort 15

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Theres nothing I find more rewarding than seeing a design I've been working on made up and on a model; but when I see it made up, on a model and also featured on Vogue and thats when things get exciting! Dont get me wrong, working at Osman Studio can be quite stressful, especially when someone says to you “Dont mess this up!” But when that sentence is followed up with “Because this coat is for Sarah Jessica Parker” it makes it all slightly more bearable! The last few weeks have been a little bit mad trying to get everything ready for the shoot, but after a few coffee runs and a Magnum to keep up morale, Spring Summer 15 Resort is done! Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection plus the prints that Ive been working on! 

*I do not own any of these photos

Graduate Fashion Week 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

If you have already read my Interview with Gareth Pugh post, then you will know that this weekend I went to Graduate Fashion Week 2014. It was held at the Truman Brewery in the ever quirky Brick Lane area & I was lucky enough to be sent a ticket to go and watch the rather fantastic Northumbria show. Last June I worked backstage for Northumbria dressing the menswear models - its a hard life! So it was really nice to be able to watch the show from the other side this year. You can read my post on my time backstage at Graduate Fashion Week 2013 here

Unlike other universities Northumbria doesn't have a "house style" - only that they have some crazy good print designs and totally on point shapes and silhouettes. There is so much talent at Northumbria this year - both mens and womenswear so I thought I would show you all a few of the collections. 

I cannot believe its been a year since my first post on Laura Taylor Fashion and an even scarier thought is that in a few years time (hopefully) my designs will be going down the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week!

*I do not own any of these photos
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