Intern Essentials Part Two

Saturday, 28 June 2014

6. Notebook and Pen
As an intern you will be given a million and one things to do by various people, all need to be done within an hour. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can remember it all - you can't!  People don't like to be pestered and answering simple questions because you didn't listen properly in the first place. So write it down. It makes it so much easier for you, plus you look organised and as though you really care about your job! It also makes it nice for you to look back at and remember what you did that day!

7. Simple Snacks
Although you are entitled to a break, you may be out over your lunch or maybe you just need a little bit of a pick me up in the afternoon. Something that has really helped me at work is keeping a little bag of nuts with me in my bag. It means that if I get a little peckish throughout the day then I can just nibble on a few and it lifts my mood right up, plus has really helped my concentration levels. No more grumbling stomach on the tube and its a healthy alternative to crisps or chocolate that won't go off easily.

8. Umbrella
I hope I'm drilling it in here that you will be out of the studio quite a bit, or at least I was - so you have to bring out that guiding phrase of "always be prepared." Lets face it, we live in England where the weather is sunny for almost 5 minutes a day. You may have coat with you, it might even have a hood - great! But thats not going to stop the designer clothes you are carrying from getting wet. These things cost money and it will be your head on the chopping block if they get ruined. Umbrellas don't take up much room or weight in your bag - you will thank me next time the skies open and your fellow intern is standing at the door to Net-A-Porter like a drowned rat!

9. Charger
As much as our parents/grandparents complain about it - we are always on our phones. These days they are a necessity, especially for an intern. You will be getting a lot of calls and texts while you are out with other instructions, places to go next etc. Think Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. So you need to make sure your phone is always charged! I have two chargers for my phone - one for home and one for on the move, although I have had a portable phone charger in my amazon basket for quite some time now. Again, its all about being prepared and carrying the right things. Think of me when you see Cara Delevingne when you're delivering invites and your phones dead so you can't snap a picture for instagram!

10. Smile
Little lame, but always wear a smile. It doesn't
matter how much you're boss is irritating you or how bored you are from doing the spring summer inventory - don't let it show. No one will want to hire you for a full time job if they think you're a miserable diva! They need to see that you are hard working and resilient. Some of the intern jobs suck - but we all have to do them, chances are if you're in a huff about it then you will be lumbered with more! Stick at it and it will most definitely pay off!

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