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Sunday, 22 June 2014

With Wimbledon starting tomorrow, I thought it only right to do a tennis inspired post. The sportswear trend isn't really my style but court-side chic is something I can totally get on board with! Now before I scare you girls away - think Stella, think Victoria Beckham, think Jill Sander. If its good enough for these three - its most definitely good enough for me!

The reason why I love (get it) this trend so much is that you can totally work it to suit your style. If you're into the whole sportswear luxe thing you can seriously racket rock it, if you're more into the minimal “girlie” look you can make it work for you just as well. Its all down to how you style it. 

Hands up if you jumped on the recent skort bandwagon... Hands up if you went mad for the polo's when Jack Wills dominated the highstreet? Well congratulations, you've made the team! Pair these two items with some cute little plimsoles and you're set (I just can't stop). If you're lucky enough to have a skinny mini stomach get out your crop tops or if like me you’ve had one too many strawberries and cream maybe stick to a skater or simple shirt dress. Its that simple. My colours of choice would be white - daring but shows off your tan or keep it classic with navy. Its a great summer look thats both pretty and practical - just how I like it!

Heres a little set I made to show you guys how I would style it. 

*I do not own any of these photos

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